Monday, July 9, 2012

After the Rain

Today was a back to the basics kind of day. I've got two pairs of these jeans, in part because the second pair was ridiculously marked down, but mostly because I live in them. They're by Rich & Skinny, and while I always recommend most that you find jeans for your body type, if yours is anything like mine, I'd highly recommend them. 

It rained like crazy most of the weekend, and then for a while today as well, which was a welcome change from the 90 degree heat that had been stifling the front range. We took this photo between rain storms. 

While I appreciate high fashion, I am, at my essence, a jeans and tees kind of girl. Sometimes I'm jealous of the likes of James Dean and anyone else who can live in white tees and dark jeans and be absolutely fabulous all the time. There's something so perfect about such a simple look. This tee is BDG from Urban Outfitters, and the flats are Vera Wang Lavender, and were definitely one of my best purchases ever. So comfortable, and so classic. Ray Ban Wayfarers, Seiko watch, and a weird look on my face. Happy Monday.

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