Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ham on Rye

I'm on the road again today, or in the air rather, on my way to Minneapolis after a fabulous few days in the mountains. Do you ever get those days when you're nostalgic for no real reason at all? Today is one of them for me. With spring right around the corner, I'm already missing these spectacular mountain views, and the skiing that went with them. It feels like everything is on the verge of change, which I suppose is mostly true. Spring is the season of rebirth, after all. But it's going to be a good one, I can feel it. 

Or maybe I'm just reading too much Bukowski.

Céline sunglasses, Vince sweater (similar), J Brand jeans (similar), Sam Edelman Petty booties.


  1. HOW do you manage to look so fabulous in the midst of a cloudy, slushy winter scene? That's talent.

    And I definitely know what you mean about feeling nostalgic for no apparent reason. It happens to me all the time.

    Safe travels to Minneapolis today! :)

  2. Cool booties!


  3. Simple and very cute look! I also am loving your sunglasses! Hope you are having a good day in MN - excited to see you tomorrow!
    Much love,

  4. you make looking good look effortless...cute boots!


Thank you for the comments!

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